It’s Time To Reframe the Game!

Eyewear styling is more important now than ever before, but optical professionals only sell 1 pair of frames to 90% of their clients.


What if you could change your approach to start increasing sales by 3x in less than 90 days?

Don’t let your patients leave with their prescriptions in hand.

Learn to motivate your sales team in changing their sales approach.

Get your staff excited about styling for frames.

Start showcasing a variety of frames that get your customers interested.

Transform the customer buying experience and increase your productivity.

Earn trust, as you help your clients see their best selves, because you are the Expert Eyewear Stylist.

Program Details

5 Steps to Magnify Profits: A 5-Module self-study course delivered over 5 weeks.

Program Details

When you register for the Be Spectacular Eyewear Styling System®, you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to a 5 module online course, including future updates and additions.
  • 1 Module per week across 5 weeks.
  • Videos and PowerPoint lessons facilitated by founder Wendy Buchanan.
  • Downloadable checklists and templates to support your sales conversations with clients.
  • Self assessment quizzes to help test your knowledge.
  • 3 month Coaching Support via Monthly Zoom sessions to help your learning process.


Wendy Buchanan/Eyewear Image Expert

A licensed optician, image consultant and educator.  Wendy combined her passion for people, love of the image world and her experienced optical training to launch a fun, personalized and one-of-a-kind eyewear styling service in Toronto, Canada.

Wendy started in a basement lab putting glasses together, to selling in the same small independent boutique, moving on to the big box stores, then to a 2 for 1 optical company.  This holistic scope of the industry allowed her to see a new vision for the business, so in 1997 she trained as an image consultant and founded Perceptions Eyewear Inc., a mobile eyewear boutique™.

I have a unique set of skills, 32 years as a Registered Optician and 24 years as an Image Consultant.  I bring clothing styling, accessories, colour and the optical side to my modern methods.  I understand the challenges of running a dispensary as well as sustaining a profitable business and I’m here to help.”

Honoured as the Trailblazing Entrepreneur for Women in Canadian Optical, Wendy’s 20+ years of hands-on experience styling thousands of men and women with her unique approach, then laid the foundation for her tried and tested Eyewear Styling program in 2007.

Nominated for the 2018 Women of Influence award for her innovative 3 step eyewear styling process, Wendy shares the Be Spectacular on-line program with her peers helping them to invest in their people to retain team members, attract ideal clients, organically increasing revenues and building solid businesses.

She speaks globally at Image and Optical conferences.


Wendy Buchanan


Trudi Charest

Drive Sales

“Wendy has a proven sales styling system that not only differentiates her but literally drives multiple pair sales.
They don’t teach this in Opticianry school (but they should!). Wendy has created something unique and lucrative for every eye care business that sells eyewear.”

Trudi Charest, RO
Co-founder, marketing 4 ECP’s


Wendy is the REAL DEAL!

“Wendy’s course gave me the confidence to shift my business model midway through 2020 from the traditional, walk-in traffic to booked personal appointments.

My increase for multiple sales went from 10 – 20%, I reduced my overhead costs and increased sales by 38%.

This year I invested in a golf membership with my wife and plan to book Fridays off to golf this Summer.”

D. Dickens, Registered Optician, Canada

Dana Sacco

Game Changer

“Wendy Buchanan and The Be Spectacular system is a game changer for the eyewear industry.

After completing only the first module, my sales language changed, having an instant impact on my effectiveness.  Not only am I closing more multi pairs, my customers are loving the way I’m describing their spec style. 

I’m a seasoned pro and this program has rejuvenated my sales process and helped me offer eye-care in new way. 

Highly recommend!”

Dana Sacco
Registered Optician

Ready to Grow?

I have invested at least $30,000 in training and more than 24 years creating and perfecting this system. I’ve developed this course to give you the benefit of my knowledge without having to go through the time, expense, many frustrations or make the same mistakes that I did.

Clients who paid $2,500 for the course have told me that they have paid for the course with one multi pair sale and some have tripled their average dispense.

Currently, I’m offering a special limited time offer for you to get started with the Be Spectacular Eyewear  Styling System for just $895 USD.

Why You Need This Now

With business meetings moving to online platforms and video presence being key, the need to look great from the NECK UP has become the new fashion trend and eyewear is the main fashion accessory.

One client who works exclusively online as a Coach, bought 8 pairs to mix and match with her wardrobe.  It was important to her that she presented confidently and was showing up looking great on screen!

Glorie wrote, “I LOVE ALLLLLLLLL of my glasses from you. Who needs shoes & purses when you’ve got GLASSES!!!! LOL !!! I’ll admit…I’m addicted.”

When was the last time someone walked into your dispensary and bought 8 pairs of glasses?

In 2020:

  • I saw sales revenues increase by 45%
  • Multi pair sales rise to just over 70%
  • Clients were referring me more than ever and posting and tagging me on their social platforms

I don’t take any of this for granted.  As a one-woman show, I need to be productive and this system made that happen.  I have huge repeat and referral business and I attract clients I love to work with, I am having fun doing it, and this system can work for you too!

Not ready to commit to the full program?  Check out my mini course Create Your Signature Spec Style!

This individual Eyewear Styling course is designed to help you to develop your Signature Spec Style to feel empowered and confident. For only $99.97 you can learn how to “look the part”and become your best marketing tool.

• Are you ready to take control of your style?
• Would you like to be memorable?
• Are you ready to level up your eyewear fashion?

Bonus! – If you upgrade to the full course within 14 days of purchase, the full cost of this course will be credited to your upgrade!

Be the "Go-To" Eyewear Styling Practice!

If you would like to learn more and find out how to make this work for you and your team, book a personal call with me!

I did not learn this overnight and I had tons of help and I am here to support and coach you along the way!

More Spectacular Options

Create Your Signature Spec Style!

The individual Eyewear Styling course for optical professionals helping you to take control of your personal style and to feel empowered and confident.

$99.97 USD


Eyewear Styling Workshops

Elevate your brand and be the “go-to” practice for Eyewear Styling consultations.   Facilitated by Wendy Buchanan, this hands-on workshop will empower your team to confidently make the offer for multi pairs with a fashion approach to selling eyewear.


Mobile Eyewear Coaching Services

Would you like to start your own business?  Wendy has been the driving force behind a hugely successfully mobile eyewear boutique for over 24 years.  Her systems and processes have allowed her the privilege of having a flexible lifestyle to be a mother and the freedom to be entrepreneurial and in control of her future.

Wendy’s Top Eyewear Styling Tips

Learn Wendy’s top ten eyewear styling tips!


1. Will the course be mostly self-directed, or do you plan on giving personal feedback too?

The course will largely be self-directed. There is no individual coaching. However, I will be hosting and facilitating a LIVE monthly Zoom session the last Tuesday of every month solely for Q & A and providing feedback.

2. Can I take this if I've been in business already?
Absolutely! The course is both for new business owners, managers and seasoned entrepreneurs who want to improve their productivity and bottom line through eyewear consultations and multi pair sales.
3. Can my entire staff use the program?

The course is for individual purchase and use. However, there is a group package for up to 5 students that can be purchased at an incredibly reduced rate. If you require training for a group please connect with me at

4. I’m super busy right now. What if I don’t have time to take the course now?

A module will be delivered each week for 5 weeks to honour your time as you run your business but is up to you when you start. You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace.

5. Are you offering a payment plan?

Not at this time! To gain access to the entire course, full payment is required at time of purchase.  

6. What can I expect from this course?

This course is made up of 5 modules including videos, training presentations, checklists, downloadable files and assessments on the theory and knowledge to communicate your offer of multi pairs based on fashion and style. 

I developed this process over a 7-year period applying my image expertise and have proven success with 70% of clients buying more than 1 pair.  Often with purchases of 5 and 6 pairs at one time.   This is the formula I’ve used daily now for over 15 years! 

7. How long will it take me to see results?

Building a business and brand takes time. You get back what you put in! Result times will vary for each optical professional.

8. Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this styling process and I only teach what I have been practicing daily in my retail eyewear business for over 2 decades. Not only has it proven successful for me, but I have also mentored and taught this system to both optometrists and opticians.  These professionals have seen a minimum of 10% increases in revenues.  Each optical dispensary will have different results depending on application, marketing and effort. I deeply believe in what I teach, and I am excited to share it with you!  

Have more questions? I am here to work with you, share ideas and to help you be SPECTACULAR & SUCCESSFUL. As we go into the future, I look forward to getting to know you and working together to offer the best STYLING expertise to your clients.

Want to connect with me directly?

Email me at:

Be Spectacular  in all you do!

DISCLAIMER: Because I have to say this: I can’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.