This course is for you if:


You would like to boost your confidence styling your clients with eyewear that they will love!


You would like to create a transformational eyewear styling experience that has your client talking about YOU and referring their friends!


You would like to Increase your revenue by offering Eyewear Consultations to your list of services.

And Eyewear Consumers are:


Done spending $$$ on glasses they don’t love.


Confused with the on-line “do-it-yourself” options


Pained by the selection process – it’s almost dreaded as much as swimsuit shopping.


Disillusioned with the ordinary eyeglass shopping experience.

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3 Steps to Magnify your Profits

with Eyewear Consultations!

The complete training system and tools for you to stand out from your competition, increase referral business and magnify your profits offering your clients a personal eyewear consultation.

It is not only the compliment; it is the conversation that starts around eyewear. This Be Spectacular system will give you the expertise to create an Elite Client Experience that will have your clients looking good and talking about YOU whenever the conversation of eyewear starts. This may be at the office, at a dinner party or even in the line ups at the airport.

The optical savvy and credibility you gain from the Be Spectacular system will raise your level of expertise around eyewear and give you credibility with your local Opticians. This relationship allows for a secondary revenue stream by developing a strategic alliance that is Win/Win.

Not only will your clients be thrilled and referring business to you, you will now gain referrals
from your local Optician for your other Image Services.

profile image of Dawn Niece Gouy

I have been in the Image business for 2 years and The Be Spectacular™ system has helped me break down barriers at networking events like no other tool in the Image Industry.

In fact, the response to eyewear has been so positive that I was compelled to change my introductory presentations from “Business Capsule Dressing” to “Accessorizing with Eyewear”. I have never worked with Men and I now have men approaching me for Eyewear Consultations. Wendy’s system has my clients talking about me and referring their friends to me. One client was so excited that she blogged about my services to her entire network.

The Be Spectacular™ method of selecting new glasses was an eye-opener for me! (Pun intended.) My consultant, Dawn started with the “What is your Spec Style?” questionnaire and held my hand (figuratively) while we shopped. I am thrilled with my new glasses! It’s always a great confidence booster to know you look your best. As a professional organizer I couldn’t help but blog about my experience: Be Spectacular™: The Organized Way to Select New Eyewear

– Dawn Nieto Gouy
Essential Style

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total look with new eyewear – Just $697 USD  

Are you at the point in your business to market yourself as the Eyewear Expert in your neighborhood?

Would you like your name to be top of mind with your clients?

Are you ready to attract more of your ideal clients?

This system will propel your business and expose you to a whole new market giving you the tools you need to:

  • Host Eyewear Workshops
  • Offer Personal Eyewear Consultations
  • Offer Virtual Eyewear Consultations
  • Build strategic alliances with Opticians and Optometrists
  • Create Elite Client Experiences
  • Market your name and business as the “go to” Eyewear Expert

When they LOOK good,

When you register for the course you will receive:

Unlimited access to the on-line course including any future updates. 


Videos and Power Point lessons facilitated by Wendy Buchanan.


AICI CEU credit for course completion.


Downloadable Checklists and Templates to support your Eyewear Consultations.


Self-Assessment Quizzes.


A LIVE Q&A Video Conference meeting upon completion of the Be Spectacular™ Eyewear Styling program. You’ll have access to me during this 30 minute video meeting to ask me any questions you may have. I can’t wait to chat with you!

Course Content

Learn a new Spec Style language!

Spec Style is more than just fashion. It is the art of matching eyewear fashion trends to the individuals personal Clothing Style and personal strengths that define their values and preferences.

This Eyewear Styling System gives you the confidence to have informed conversations with your clients about the impression they want to make with their eyewear.  You will learn to speak a language that resonates with your clients on an emotional level and they feel like, “hey, you get me!”

Rules, Rules! It’s a Balancing Game.

It is rare to find a client who is a perfect Round Face Shape or a perfect Rectangle Face Shape. Often your clients are combinations of face shapes making it difficult to categorize them as one specific shape.  Laser focusing on individual features will set you up as the expert.


The Be Spectacular program will give you the theory to create balance and proportion on the face and the confidence to break the rules to create an authentic look for your clients. No 2 are the same!



Be Your Best Marketing Tool!

You will be the Eyewear Expert in your business, so you need to the look part!  The Be Spectacular Eyewear Styling System® will help you discover your authentic Signature Spec Styles enhancing your credibility and helping you attract the premium clients you want to serve.  

Deliver a Transformational Client Experience

The Eyewear Styling System makes it easy for clients to talk about you and refer you. Clients are tired of the do-it-yourself options available online and frustrated with wasting time shopping all the stores trying to find the perfect pair.

People are craving personal connection and this system gives you the platform to provide a unique eyewear styling session that they simply cannot get anywhere else.

Be Different!

Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary?  The Be Spectacular Eyewear Styling System® gives you the theory, tools and confidence to not only offer personal Eyewear Styling sessions, you can add Virtual Eyewear Styling and offer Eyewear Presentations to your list of services.

You can be the extraordinary Eyewear Stylist in your area and attract a huge market of eyewear consumers.  

Why You Need This Now

With business meetings moving to online platforms and video presence being key, the need to look great from the NECK UP has become the new fashion trend and eyewear is the main fashion accessory.

One client who works exclusively online as a Coach, bought 8 pairs to mix and match with her wardrobe.  It was important to her that she presented confidently and was showing up looking great on screen!

Glorie wrote, “I LOVE ALLLLLLLLL of my glasses from you. Who needs shoes & purses when you’ve got GLASSES!!!! LOL !!! I’ll admit…I’m addicted.”

This is a huge opportunity for you to attract a high-ticket client who values their visual style and personal brand.

AICI Image Consultant? Great News for You!

This on-line training program is an Accredited Program and has been approved for .5 AICI CEU’s with the Association of Image Consultants International.

Upon completion of the on-line program and completion of the Participant Evaluation form, you will receive .5 CEU’s. Please email completed Participant Evaluation form to to receive your credits.

Please note that this course is a training approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of this course, is entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs. (If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website at

Are you ready to Boost your Image Consulting business?

With 3 out of 4 people in need of prescription eyewear, your Eyewear Consultation service will open you up to a huge new market. Eyewear consumers tell me they are:


  1. Frustrated trying to find the perfect style of eyeglasses.
  2. Tired of wasting hours online trying to determine their face shape and then the perfect frame shape.
  3. Pained spending big bucks and not loving their eyewear.

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total look with new eyewearJust $697 USD 

Katherine Lazaruk, AICI CIP

I have been using Wendy Buchanan’s Be Spectacular training materials for eyewear consultations since the beginning of my business for myself and for clients; as an avid consumer of eyewear as accessory, I teach clients to enjoy having more than one pair to suit their mood where it’s appropriate and to have one pair that works for multiple occasions if they are more conservative. The cost of her program has been covered many times over by being able to provide detailed eyewear consultations to individual clients and groups.

– Katherine Lazaruk, AICI CIP
ICU Image Consulting

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About Wendy
course creator

Recognized as the Eyewear Image Expert, Wendy Buchanan is a Licensed Optician, Image Consultant and Educator. In 1997, Wendy combined her passion for people and her love of the image world with her experienced optical training to launch a fun, personalized, one-of-a-kind eyewear styling service in Toronto, Canada.

Honored as the Trailblazing Entrepreneur for Women in Canadian Optical, she is the founder and creative force behind Perceptions Eyewear Inc.; a mobile eyewear boutique™.

Wendy’s 20 years of hands-on experience styling thousands of men and women and her unique approach of matching eyewear to clothing style, colors and facial features laid the foundation for the Be Spectacular™ Eyewear Styling program.  A system that is tried and tested.

In 2020, Wendy studied her own program and launched a successful Virtual Eyewear Styling service,  helping to grow her business and thrive in a challenging time.  

Nominated for the 2018 Women of Influence award for her innovative 3 step eyewear styling process, Wendy shares this Be Spectacular™ on-line program with her peers and speaks globally at Image and Optical Conferences.

Wendy Buchanan

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total look with new eyewear – Just $697 USD

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