Tips to Build Your Wardrobe of Eyewear

That doesn’t mean you have to wear the same clothes and definitely  not the same glasses every day, but when you consistently dress  with repeatable elements in your outfits and accessories, you  achieve an air of personal style. I call it your Signature Spec Style! 

Identifying your Signature Spec Style will help you create your “look”  and more importantly, make getting dressed and accessorizing with  eyewear so much easier in the morning. 

If you sell both eyewear and contact lenses in your dispensary,  I recommend you wear your specs when selling eyewear and  change your eyewear to match your Spec Style for the day.

My Fashion Formula to have the  Ultimate Eyewear Wardrobe:

1. Discover Your Powerful Personal Colours!

Find eyewear in colours to flatter and compliment your  complexion, hair and eye colour. What colours do you  love to wear in your wardrobe? Once you know your top power  colours, embrace those colours in your eyewear choices. Stepping  out in eyewear that is not tortoise shell or black is empowering  and energizing.

For each palette, there is a variety of colours that are not simply  warm or cool, but more specific to your individual colouring. Every season, add a few new pairs of specs in your ideal colours. This  gives you the option and the versatility to mix and match with  your wardrobe. Those colours may be in harmony or in contrast  depending on your Signature Spec Style.  

When you wear specs in your power colours, you will inspire your  clients to build their collection too. You are a walking advertisement  for your dispensary.

2. Define Your Signature Spec Style!

Signature Spec Styles are inclusive of your clothing style,  accessories and eyewear style. Are you the most comfortable wearing?

When you know the style of clothing you love to wear and you have your go-to wardrobe pieces, you can then be specific and purposeful  adding to your collection of eyewear.  

Don’t get boxed into the same exact look every day. Experiment  with different fabrics, textures and prints in your clothing but stick  to the style, fit and silhouette to maintain your ideal look. 

Once you have your favourites, add eyewear in materials that are  chunky or sleek, patterned or smooth, contemporary or classic.  Having a collection allows you the freedom to change your eyewear  with each outfit.  

 A quick spectacle switch, while wearing the same trendy jeans and  jacket is an easy wardrobe transformation for you!

3. Accentuate your facial features with design lines

Changing the line direction created with shapes of eyewear  can completely shift your vibe. If your eyewear has a straight  horizontal line, the impression made is dramatic. If the horizontal  line is curved, you create a softer, more elegant look.

Soft, drapey fabrics in your garments command a curve shape in eyewear while wearing clothing in stiff fabrics or straight skirts need frames with angles or strong top bars.

The various design lines help you accessorize with a casual, business or dressy wardrobe. Experiment with shapes, always mindful of following the brow line and accentuating the cheekbones.

If you invest in yourself and fit yourself with great eyewear, other people, namely your clients will invest in themselves because you look credible and you are a walking example of what you sell. 

When you have a Signature Spec style, you will attract the clients that want to look like you.

Originally published in Optik Magazine

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