A change in season means a change in wardrobe and, for most women, a few new additions to their closet. The seasonal change should also include a fresh new pair of eyewear, perhaps two or three!

New specs can set the tone for the new wardrobe and is an essential accessory to create a different vibe and give your client a refreshing image boost as they move through fall and winter. Knowing your clients Spec Style helps you easily recommend a new pair and gives you another reason to reach out and connect, offering eyewear styles specifically for their personal style.

Knowing your clients Spec Style personalities is another tool in your back pocket to help you decipher the image your clients are expressing through their clothing style. Not only does it help you with styling, it helps you communicate the “WHY” certain frames are a must-have. Expressing the kind of mood inspired by eyewear designs streamlines the selection process, helping you stand out as the expert.

The Subtle Sophisticate™ woman will walk into your dispensary in control and businesslike. This woman is organized and efficient and it is important to her that time is respected. This Spec Style will opt for upscale classic shapes and will refuse to even try on an asymmetrical design.

The clean lines and uplifting shape in this Jean-François Rey design is perfect for the Subtle Sophisticate™ Spec Style. The refined combination of metal and plastic and the understated, rich pattern makes it a versatile accessory that says, “I am in charge of my career and my image”.

The Daring Dramatic™ woman will have presence when they walk into your dispensary. They are not shy and they like the attention. These clients look like a success story and will tell you what they want. They can become irritated if time is wasted looking at eyewear that is not big and bold.

The big, round asymmetrical pattern in this fashion forward Sabine be design gives the Daring Dramatic™ Spec Style a striking edge without introducing harsh angles. This fearless eyewear accessory is an empowering statement piece to top off her outfit.

The Natural™ Spec Style woman is down to earth and approachable walking into your dispensary. This Spec Style does not give priority to the latest fashion trends but will buy high end if they believe it will stand the test of time. As their stylist, you will lose credibility if you offer eyewear that is too feminine or glitzy.

The implied texture and mix of muted colours and patterns in this stunning LaMarca frame provide the finishing touch for The Natural™ Spec Style with her relaxed and comfortable wardrobe. The substantial design of the acetate frame balances beautifully with the visual weight created with the layering of garments.

The Elegant Charmer™ woman epitomizes feminine romanticism. This Spec Style loves to shop and when selecting eyewear for her, reach for styles you would describe as pretty and luxurious. The details matter to this woman and she will get excited trying on eyewear that is shiny or sparkly!

The shiny, soft colours in this appealing, translucent plastic Caroline Abram frame complements the sheen in the lighter, silky fabrics that the Elegant Charmer™ loves to wear. The tasteful hammered gold accents reflect light providing a glitzy detail without adding stones.

The Inspired Artist™ woman will attract attention as she manages to pull together a look that is unconventional and fun. You must absolutely show her the artsy and colourful eyewear in your dispensary. This woman will bore easily if you move to classic shapes in your styling process.

This contemporary Kaleos design frame has a modern vintage vibe. The sleek angles and rosewood colour complement the interesting combination of floral, stripe and argyle patterns that are so artfully pulled together in this Inspired Artist™ outfit.

The Spec Style personalities and the vocabulary that resonates with each, sets you up with another language to connect you with your clients so they feel like, “hey, you GET me”! Knowing your clients Spec Style gives you the confidence AND the opportunity to style boutique eyewear, curating a BUYING experience that has them talking about YOU and strongly suggesting that their friends start “AccessorEYEZing” too.

As the Eyewear Stylist in your dispensary, you can inspire and empower women adding new eyewear to their wardrobe every season!

Be Spectacular!

 – Originally published in Optik NOW Magazine