This season is spectacular for eyewear fashion and a prime time to infuse new energy into your frame board offerings. Has your frame board been repetitive through the last year? Have you been hesitant to invest in new boutique collections?

Sometimes, looking at the same frames on your board is not highly motivational to excite your team to style and sell. Establish a buying system that provides a steady evolution in your collections to assure your board does not become monotonous. As the world changes and experiential shopping becomes more important to consumers, electrify your frame board with a selection that influences your clients to buy.

Elevate and exhilarate your client’s image with some of these top Fall eyewear Fashions!

Glorious Green!

Green in all shades is seasonally hot and a glorious fashion accessory. Whether it is flat emerald layered wood or a reflective vibrant patterned acetate, this colour ensures spotlight presence.

Master the Boldness!

Thick rimmed frames are a guaranteed way to elevate any outfit. Chunky and reflective is a perfect match to the heavier wool and plaid fabrics worn in the cooler months.

Spot On

Leopard prints are an exhilarating choice for the dramatic who thrives on daring to be different! A brilliant and timeless eyewear accessory for those who love the leopard fashions.

Chic Luxury!

Soft translucent pinks and warm whites offer a neutral colour scheme making it an easy elegant accessory. A huge trend that looks impressive and ultra-modern.

Cat- Eye Performs!

The shape is sexy, serious and competes year after year always with a fantastic twist. The selection is unlimited. Add sleek, titanium with high-set bridge and contemporary angular cat eye to your collection.

This Fall, eyewear will be an indispensable accessory for any fashionista. Determine areas of your frame board that you want to JAZZ UP and be instrumental in capturing your client’s interest with some or all these innovative eyewear designs.

 – Originally published in Optik NOW Magazine