Hello Eyewear Fashionistas!

Let’s face it…. Sunglasses can accelerate your client’s total image from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds! As we soak up the sun’s rays and focus on fast tracking our business for the remainder of year, let’s look toward styling our peeps with shades that are “swoon worthy”. As eyewear fashionistas you cannot help but get excited with the plethora of options we have this season. 

For some clients, new sunglasses may be an afterthought or even an indulgence that one can do without right now. For others it is the one accessory they cannot live without and for the fashionistas, it is the distinct difference between looking just ok to totally rocking their ensemble. For the well-dressed they cannot imagine having only one or two and I confess, I have styled clients with shades to match their summer sports car! It’s true!

The art of sun wear styling is knowing your client’s Spec Style and the current trends in sunglasses that will have them swooning. What trends match the Spec Styles? Let’s have a glimpse into the trends and who will wear what.

The Subtle Sophisticate™ style will love the “Cat Eye with a Twist,” a classic vintage remake in a colour matched perfectly with their handbag for the season. Men love the “Ultra Classic 70s” in refined thick titanium with fine details. The clean lines and richness are controlled and meticulous, garnishing a second glimpse from passersby.

The Daring Dramatic™ style will LOVE the “Futuristic IT Accessory” for summer in the oversized metal and plastics with elements of boldness and strong horizontal lines. “Bright White” is hot and this high contrast colour is hard to ignore and admired by the more understated. The willingness to embrace a new trend quickly has others keeping an eye on them.

Inspired Artist™ will LOVE all of the trendy “Rainbow Tints” with each person giving off attitude and elements of their personality in the “Double Bridge Remakes” and “Oval Cat Eyes.” Their unconventional way of putting their look together and unwillingness to conform gains them admiration on the streets.

The Natural™ LOVES tortoise shell and can mix it up this season with the modern “Brow Bar” and “Narrow Aviator” with gold accents. The “Oversized Aviator Flat Top” offers an accessory to step up their game with a bit of an edge. Their personality wants to keep it real and chill, gaining them respect for fashion as one gets closer to see the details.

Elegant Charmer™ women LOVE the opulence of the high fashion “Slim Oversized Square” that requires only lipstick and furnishes their look with instant glam. Men love the stand-alone statement wearing the “Double Bridge Angled Aviator”. This trend may be light looking but pulls it weight in sexy boldness for the romantic fashionistas.

One big trend that cannot go unnoticed and that will help people feel happy and energized is Shades of Red! Encourage your eyewear enthusiasts to take a break from black, opting for a pink, burnt red, cherry or cranberry red shade. Red is an expression of strength, power, and confidence and it simply makes PEOPLE feel HAPPY!  

As we round the corner, let’s welcome our clients back with outstretched arms extending appreciation and love with our styling expertise and customer service. So, rev your engines and let’s look forward to racing to a brighter future.


 – Originally published in Optik Magazine