In my first few years building my mobile eyewear boutique, it was rare that someone would ask or even want a 2nd pair of glasses, or even consider investing in 2 or 3 pairs.  The functionality of good vision did not inspire my clients to spend their hard-earned cash.  I can’t blame them… One pair did the job!

Once I began to have more conversations around their individual Spec Style relating eyewear to their wardrobe style and fashion trends, clients began to get excited.  Eyewear is one of the most impressive and impactful accessories of all.  Eyewear, like every other accessory, is personal to your client.  When you are styling your clients, focus on the power of their individuality and the expressions made with their footwear and wardrobe choices.  And then, match the eyewear to what you see.

The eyewear choices should invoke a confident stance just as a great fitting jacket or killer pair of shoes would.  As your clients try on frames, keep an eye on their body language.  The expressions and gestures will give you clues as to whether it was a “love it” or “leave it” style.

Once a client experiences a personalized styling session that is all about them, relating the trends to their personal Spec Style, they will see the value in having more than one pair and the budget becomes a little less relevant.


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