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3 Steps to Magnify your Profits

with Eyewear Consultations!

The complete training system and tools for you to stand out from your competition, increase referral business and magnify your profits offering your clients a personal eyewear consultation.

It is not only the compliment; it is the conversation that starts around eyewear. This Be Spectacular system will give you the expertise to create an Elite Client Experience that will have your clients looking good and talking about YOU whenever the conversation of eyewear starts. This may be at the office, at a dinner party or even in the line ups at the

The optical savvy and credibility you gain from the Be Spectacular system will raise your level of expertise around eyewear and give you credibility with your local Opticians. This relationship allows for a secondary revenue stream by developing a strategic alliance that is Win/Win.

Not only will your clients be thrilled and referring business to you, you will now gain referrals
from your local Optician for your other Image Services.

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I have been in the Image business for 2 years and The Be Spectacular™ system has helped me break down barriers at networking events like no other tool in the Image Industry.

In fact, the response to eyewear has been so positive that I was compelled to change my introductory presentations from “Business Capsule Dressing” to “Accessorizing with Eyewear”. I have never worked with Men and I now have men approaching me for Eyewear Consultations. Wendy’s system has my clients talking about me and referring their friends to me. One client was so excited that she blogged about my services to her entire network.

The Be Spectacular™ method of selecting new glasses was an eye-opener for me! (Pun intended.) My consultant, Dawn started with the “What is your Spec Style?” questionnaire and held my hand (figuratively) while we shopped. I am thrilled with my new glasses! It’s always a great confidence booster to know you look your best. As a professional organizer I couldn’t help but blog about my experience: Be Spectacular™: The Organized Way to Select New Eyewear

– Dawn Nieto Gouy
Essential Style


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Click here to start the process of transforming your clients
total look with new eyewear – Just $997

When they LOOK good,

The Be Spectacular package includes:

  • Your 3-Step Training Manual

  • Spec Style Questionnaire

  • 10 Face Shape Assessors

  • A complete inventory of Spec Style Cards

  • Face Shape Cards

  • Top 10 Spec Shopping Guide & Client package folders to introduce this new service to your clients.

The package contains all the tools you need to offer a minimum of 30 personal Eyewear Consultations all for only $997.

This is what you will get

This system is for you if:

  1. You are ready to expand your image expertise and increase your income.
  2. You wish your clients would talk about YOU and send you a steady stream of referrals.
  3. You would like new prospects pursuing you and initiating conversations with you.

With 3 out of 4 people in need of prescription eyewear, your Eyewear Consultation service will open you up to a huge new market. Eyewear consumers tell me they are:

Are you ready to Boost your Image Consulting business?


  1. Frustrated trying to find the perfect style of eyeglasses.
  2. Tired of wasting hours online trying to determine their face shape and then the perfect frame shape.
  3. Pained spending big bucks and not loving their eyewear.
Katherine Lazaruk, AICI CIP

I have been using Wendy Buchanan’s Be Spectacular training materials for eyewear consultations since the beginning of my business for myself and for clients; as an avid consumer of eyewear as accessory, I teach clients to enjoy having more than one pair to suit their mood where it’s appropriate and to have one pair that works for multiple occasions if they are more conservative. The cost of her program has been covered many times over by being able to provide detailed eyewear consultations to individual clients and groups.

– Katherine Lazaruk, AICI CIP
ICU Image Consulting


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Click here to start the process of transforming your clients
total look with new eyewear – Just $997

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About Wendy
course creator

In 1997, after a 10 year Optician career, Wendy Buchanan retired from the traditional brick and mortar Optical shop to embark on creating a new optical service and a new life.

Training as an Image Consultant, Wendy combined her passion for people and love of the image world with her experienced and solid Optical training to launch Perceptions Eyewear; a one-of-a-kind mobile eyewear boutique™.

As Perceptions Eyewear celebrates 20 years of serving the be-spectacled clients in both Toronto and Ottawa, Wendy creates new again and working globally brings forth her energy and passion to evolve and expand her Be Spectacular™ training program.

The Be Spectacular program is designed for Opticians and Image Consultants to help them grow their businesses with elite eyewear consultations dedicated to enhancing their clients’ appearance with a wardrobe of eyewear.


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Click here to start the process of transforming your clients
total look with new eyewear – Just $997

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